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【※Accepting Pre-orders has been closed.】Kappa STORY OF 1916-2019

【※Accepting Pre-orders has been closed.】Kappa STORY OF 1916-2019

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※Accepting Pre-orders has been closed.

【Exclusively Provided & Booking Special Offer】 Release date: March 28, 2019 "Kappa STORY OF 1916-2019"

The first book to feature "Kappa", - a sportswear brand born in Torino, Italy.

Worthy of "Country of Calico (Football)", "Kappa" has mainly developed in sportswear brand.
Their unique logo that was created in the motif of Adam and Eve has been a signature of well-known big club's uniform such as Roma, Juventus and Barcelona.
Written in both Japanese and English.
Exclusively provided and offering booking special, this brand book features "Kappa" specially-made sacoche!


カルチョの国にふさわしく、フットボールウェアを中心に展開し、アダムとイブをモチーフにしたロゴはイタリア代表チームをはじめローマ、ユベントス、 バルセロナといった名だたるビッグクラブの胸でその栄光を分かち合ってきた。

全ページ日本語と英語のバイリンガル仕様。 *Written in both Japanese and English

Kappaの歴史やサッカーとの関わり方、そしてファッションとのコラボレーションなど、 これ一冊でKappaのすべてがわかるスペシャル・ブックです。

・広げた全体サイズ 縦445 横375 マチ65(mm)
・折り曲げ後サイズ 縦345 横375 マチ65(mm)

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