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  7. 【Aichi】Kirimaru Ramen (5 pcs)/435g[ZSO]

【Aichi】Kirimaru Ramen (5 pcs)/435g[ZSO]

【Aichi】Kirimaru Ramen (5 pcs)/435g[ZSO]

600円 1 %point added
Item #: 50438

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Shelf Life: 6 months

It is a popular ramen with history which was released in Nishi Mikawa district of Aichi prefecture in 1965.
It is soul food for Japanese from Aichi prefecture. This ramen is domestic main ingredient is used. (Flour, Soy Milk, Rice Flour)

*The following picture is an image of a sample example. Topping material on ramen is not included in the product.


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