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【Nagasaki】Nagasaki Sara-Udon/740g[ZSO]

【Nagasaki】Nagasaki Sara-Udon/740g[ZSO]

1,200円 1 %point added
Item #: 60045

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Shelf Life: 3months
Commitment to using domestic flour and noodles, vegetables, seafood and soup with plenty of pork set. You can enjoy the authentic Nagasaki taste easily.(2 set)

【Raw materials】 Sugar, glucose, chicken powder, coloring agent, coloring agent, coloring agent, sugar, glucose, chicken powder, syrup, flour, flour, fried oil, salt, kanbai, antioxidant, bamboo shoots, carrots, corn, Powdered soy sauce, scallop extract, crab extract, spice, yeast extract, acidulant, caramel pigment, (including crab, wheat, egg, milk, pork, chicken, soybean, squid and seafood in part)

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