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【Gifu】Hida Snacks/330g[ZSO]

【Gifu】Hida Snacks/330g[ZSO]

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Shelf Life: 4months
It is Japanese traditional snack made by the "Utsubo-ya" which is a long-established candy store established in 1893 in Hida Takayama. You can feel the four seasons of the Hida region with the simple taste of the roasted soybean flour, sesame, and soy that this sweets have.

【Raw materials】 Black Sesame, Starch syrup, Sugar, Soy,
Kinako, Starch syrup, Sugar,
Kinako, Starch syrup, Sugar, Processed Brown Sugar,
Peanut, Starch syrup, Sugar, Salt,
Soy, sugar, starch, Green laver

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