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【Hokkaido】Kita no Aji Meguri Kanboshi Ramen/690g[ZSO]

【Hokkaido】Kita no Aji Meguri Kanboshi Ramen/690g[ZSO]

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Shelf Life: 6months
This is a set of 3 kinds of Hokkaido ramen made by the method called "Kanboshi". "Kanboshi" is a method of making noodles dried in a non-heated environment in cold weather. This product set includes salt ramen from Hakodate, miso ramen from Sapporo, and soy sauce ramen from Asahikawa.
You will want to eat it again once you have this ramen. (3 kinds x2packs)

【Raw materials】 Noodles [flour, wheat protein, salt, egg white powder / sake spirit, sorbite, kansui, gardenia pigment, (including some eggs and wheat)], floured (processed starch) soy sauce soup [soy sauce, chicken fat, salt, butter White hydrolyzate, pork fat, onion, pork extract, sugar, fish sauce, spice, sake, yeast extract, chicken extract / condiments (amino acids etc), caramel color, polysaccharide thickener, (some wheat, pork -Chicken, soy, and apples)] Miso soup [miso, pork fat, salt, vegetables (garlic, onion, ginger), sesame, fructose, glucose, glucose, flour, vegetable fat, bean paste, spice, yeast extract / condiment (Amino acid, etc.), (including some wheat, pork, soy, sesame, apples)] Salt soup [salt, pork fat, vegetable fat, protein hydrolysate, protein hydrolysate, fish extract, sugar, vinegar, spice, Yeast extract, reduced Candy / seasoning (such as amino acids), (including wheat, pork, soybeans, apples in part) caramel color,]

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