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  9. 【Wakayama】Kishu Ume Madai Ume(1pc)/50g[ZSO]

【Wakayama】Kishu Ume Madai Ume(1pc)/50g[ZSO]

【Wakayama】Kishu Ume Madai Ume(1pc)/50g[ZSO]

580円 1 %point added
Item #: 50432

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Shelf Life: 6 months
It is a food that removes Kishu Nankoume seeds, which is a special product of Wakayama Prefecture, and is packed with Kishu plum red snapper flakes. The red snapper is seasoned with sweet and sour miso. It goes well with Japanese rice, Ocha-zuke, and alchols.

[Raw materials] plum (Kishu), reduced starch syrup, salt, rice fermented seasoning, protein hydrolyzate, red snapper, miso, grain vinegar, sugar / acidulant, spirits, seasoning (amino acids etc), sweetener (stevia), V. B1, (in part wheat and soy are included)

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