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【Fukushima】Taberu Olive oil/188g[ZSO]

【Fukushima】Taberu Olive oil/188g[ZSO]

640円 1 %point added
Item #: 50479

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Shelf Life: 6months
Easy Italian at home. Eating olives with fried garlic. Great for pizza, toast, pasta, carpaccio and pilaf. It is delicious as it is. How to eat You can enjoy deliciously according to your taste.

[Ingredients] Edible rapeseed oil, olive oil, fried garlic, salt, sugar, fried onion, garlic, pork and chicken extract, spices, parsley, edible fats and oils, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), antioxidant (vitamin E), pH adjuster , (Part of raw materials include wheat, soybeans, pork, chicken, beef, gelatin)

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