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【Kochi】Unagi Shouga /230g[ZSO]

【Kochi】Unagi Shouga /230g[ZSO]

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Shelf Life: 6months
Rice with rice cooked from Kochi prefecture's eel grilled with organic golden ginger (variety: Golden Kakuzo II) from Shimanto Town, Kochi Prefecture. Golden ginger is a high-grade variety with strong spicy, golden color and a clean aftertaste. The elegant sweetness of eel broiled eel and the spiciness of golden ginger combine to make the rice go. In addition, you can enjoy the softness of Hagi Yaki and the texture of ginger.

[Ingredients] Unagi (Kochi and aquaculture), organic ginger, soy sauce, tri-warm sugar, mirin, glucose fructose liquid sugar, fermented seasoning, sugar, starch (corn), agar )


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