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【Saga】Drive-in Tori Torimeshi no moto/166g[ZSO]

【Saga】Drive-in Tori Torimeshi no moto/166g[ZSO]

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Shelf Life: 12ヶmonths
Drive-in Tori is a sole food shop of Imari citizens. We can taste our popular menu bird rice which is loved by 150,000 customers every year at home. It is about 2 pieces.

[Ingredients] Meat, etc. (chicken (domestic), chicken fat), vegetables (carrot, burdock), soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken seasoning extract, brewed vinegar, miso, fermented rice seasoning, protein hydrolyzate, apple puree , Worcester sauce, processed grated garlic, sesame, spices / seasoning (amino acid), thickener (processed starch), coloring (caramel), (partially wheat, sesame, soybean, chicken, pork, apple, gelatin (Including)


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