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Nippan IPS Co.,Ltd. Magazine Subscription Service

◆In excess of 500 Japanese magazine titles available.

We source more than 500 titles of Japanese magazines. Business users wishing to order, contact us regarding your requirements.

To peruse our list of magazines, click here.

◆Subscription period

Annual contract only.


There is a choice of shipping methods designed to accommodate any budget. “Air Mail", "SAL Mail" and "Sea mail".
※Some countries may not offer all of the above services. Please confirm from the following URL.
Japan Post Official Website
(Confirmation method)
Air Mail, Sea mail→Letter-Post
SAL Mail→Printed matter/Small packets
※Air shipping to some countries and regions may be used private courier service instead of air mail by our convenience.
If you are unsure, please contact us from here.
※Combined postage is unavailable.


From Japan: Bank transfer or PayPal
From abroad: PayPal only
※Bank transfer and International Postal Money Order are unavailable.

◆Order Procedure

1.Choose the magazine from our magazine list.
*In the event that you could not find the required magazine, please contact us.
2.Read and agree to our “Consent Agreement for Handling of Personal Information”.
3.Please read and accept our “Terms of Service”.
4.Print out and fill in the order form (Subscription Order Form).
5.Please submit the order form(Subscription Order Form) to us by FAX or e-mail.

※For e-mail orders, please include "Subscription Order" in the subject line, and set a password to the attached file for your personal security.

◆The back numbers of some magazines are sold at CLUB JAPAN.

We can source Japanese books, CDs/DVDs, foods and much more at our online store.
Please visit CLUB JAPAN and enjoy the overseas shopping experience.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.[email]

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