Terms of Service

NIPPAN IPS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) stipulates these Terms of Service for the electronic commerce site which it operates, “CLUB JAPAN” (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”), and provides services based on these Terms of Service. Persons using this Site shall do so having given their approval for the terms below. Also, when ordering (purchasing) merchandise, separate guidelines etc. may apply depending on the item; please refer to each item’s page. The guidelines etc. for each item constitute a part of this agreement, and these Terms of Service include all such guidelines.

Article 1: Members

  1. A “Member” is an individual who has approved these Terms in accordance with the procedure stipulated by the Company, and who has applied to become a Member in accordance with the procedure designated by the Company.
  2. “Member Information” is Information on Member attributes which the Member has disclosed to the Company, along with information on the Member’s transaction record.
  3. These Terms shall apply to all Members, and shall be followed during registration procedures and thereafter.

Article 2: Registration

  1. Membership
    A customer who has agreed to these Terms and applied to become a Member in the prescribed manner shall qualify as a Member upon completion of the prescribed registration procedures. Member registration procedures shall be undertaken by the applicant himself or herself. The Company may deny applications by persons deemed unsuitable for membership, such as former Members who have had their membership revoked in the past. Also, the approval and permission of a guardian shall be required for use by children under the age of 16.
  2. Entering Member Information
    Please read the notes on data entry carefully when registering for membership, and enter the required items accurately on the prescribed entry form. Greek letters and umlauts cannot be used for registering Member Information. In cases where registration has been made using such letters, the Company shall convert them to standard alphabet and numbers.
  3. Password Management
    1. Passwords may only be used by the Member, and may not be transferred or given to a third party.
    2. Members should manage their password responsibly including changing it at regular intervals to prevent it from being known to others.
    3. A declaration of intent made to the Company using the password shall be deemed to be a declaration of intent by the Member himself or herself, and all payments arising therefrom shall be the responsibility of the Member.
    4. If a Member finds that their membership number or password is being improperly used by a third party, they shall contact the Company immediately.

Article 3: Security

This Site uses encrypted communications by means of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for pages on which personal information is communicated, and measures are taken to prevent interception by an external third party.

Article 4: Use of this Site

  1. Members can order (purchase) the merchandise provided on this Site by following the guidelines for each item (User’s Guide) as separately stipulated by the Company.
  2. This Site sells alcoholic drinks, but not to persons under the legal drinking age. Only persons over the legal drinking age shall be able to purchase alcohol.
  3. Members shall check import regulations for each destination country, and purchases shall be made at the Member’s own risk. The Company shall not offer compensation such as refunds, including shipping charges for merchandise that has been returned to Japan, for merchandise that has been seized on the grounds of public morals religion, and restrictions on materials, ingredients or raw materials, nor shall the Company reship such merchandise.
  4. Customs duties and other expenses arising in the country of destination shall be covered at the Member’s expense. Also, refunds, including shipping charges for merchandise, shall not be made if the member refuses delivery of merchandise on the grounds of such duties and expenses.
  5. All communication costs arising from browsing this Site and receiving emails from the Company etc. shall be covered by the user.
  6. The Company will not issue export certificates such as certificates of origin or export permits for merchandise to be delivered.
  7. The Company shall be able to change the content of its services, including merchandise available for purchase and shipping charges, without obtaining the prior consent of the Member.
  8. Members shall enter order data truthfully and accurately before sending an order.
  9. After the Member has made an order (purchase), the Company shall send an order confirmation email to the email address from which the Member applied. However, the fact that a Member has been able to place an item of merchandise in their cart when making an order (purchase) does not guarantee that the item is in stock. Inventory may run out and become unavailable. The contract between the Company and the Member shall come into effect when the merchandise is shipped by the Company; the purpose of the order confirmation email at time of purchase is to confirm the fact that the Member has performed the order (purchase) procedures.
  10. In principle, cancellations shall not be accepted after ordering procedures have been completed.
  11. In principle, delivery destinations for merchandise cannot be changed after ordering procedures have been completed.
  12. Members shall check merchandise immediately upon receipt, and shall inform the Company within 5 days if the merchandise is damaged, defective, or if the wrong merchandise has been delivered. Also, the Company may ask the Member to provide a picture of the merchandise in order to check its condition, and the Member shall comply with such request.
  13. Returns, exchanges, re-shipping of and refunds for merchandise cannot be made except for damage during delivery, defective merchandise or wrongly delivered merchandise, and other cases separately acknowledged by the Company.
  14. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous Items, if there is improper or inappropriate conduct in regard to the use of this Site, or if the settlement company etc. designated by the Member reports a credit default etc., under Article 4, Item 9, the Company may rescind, cancel, or suspend the sales contract or take other appropriate measures.

Article 5: Settlement

  1. The settlement methods that can be used on this Site are given on the order screen. Settlement shall be made in accordance with the interface of the relevant settlement company (PayPal). However, the use of such interfaces does not constitute a complete guarantee of the confidentiality of settlement data. Also, the account used for settlement shall be used at the Member’s own risk and in the Member’s own name.
  2. Members shall follow the rules agreed between the Member and the Member’s settlement company in paying for orders made on this Site, and if a dispute arises between the Member and the relevant settlement company, such matter shall be resolved by both parties involved.
  3. Charges for the merchandise that the Company provides, along with services including shipping charges, shall be applied in full when the order for merchandise has been completed. Prices of merchandise along with delivery and delivery charges etc. shall be separately stipulated in the guidelines on each item page. Also, the Member shall confirm this when making a purchase.
  4. In cases where the Company refunds a Member for out-of-stock or missing items, the settlement rate at purchase may differ from the settlement rate when the Company makes the refund. However, the Company shall not compensate for differences in currency exchange rates.

Article 6: Points

  1. CLUB JAPAN Points
    By making purchases on this Site, Members of this Site can receive points in proportion to the amount spent, and also individual points for some items of merchandise. Points are not given when an order is confirmed. Points are given when merchandise has been shipped (delivered).
    1. Points awarded in proportion to amount spent
      For each 100 yen spent (on merchandise; shipping charges are not included) 1 point shall be given.
    2. Individual points
      If merchandise with individual points is bought, the number of points listed on the merchandise purchase screen shall be given, regardless of the amount spent. (Points in proportion to the amount spent shall not be given.)
    3. If points are used at payment
      Points can be used in blocks of 100 points and over. Points will be given for the remaining merchandise billing price after the amount equivalent to the points used has been deducted from such merchandise billing price.
  2. Use of CLUB JAPAN Points
    1. On the condition that points can be used in blocks of 100 points and over, the points given to the Member can be used in the next and subsequent purchases on this Site to cover the entire merchandise billing price or a portion thereof; 1 point shall be valued as equivalent to 1 yen at time of merchandise purchase.
    2. If the Company is unable due to stock shortages to provide an item of merchandise for which points have been used in payment, all points used for such payment shall be returned to the Member.
    3. Members cannot cash in or refund CLUB JAPAN points.
    4. Members cannot share or accumulate CLUB JAPAN points with other Members, nor transfer them to a third party.
    5. CLUB JAPAN points shall be used by the owner himself or herself, and cannot be used by a third party other than the owner.
    6. Even if a Member has multiple accounts, such Member cannot combine points with other accounts to use.
  3. Inquiring about CLUB JAPAN Points
    Members can check their use of CLUB JAPAN points and points remaining etc. in Points History on the My Account page.
  4. Expiry and Cancellation of CLUB JAPAN Points
    1. CLUB JAPAN points are valid for 1 year from the date of the relevant transaction. Each time new points are acquired, the term of validity for the entire total points remaining is extended by 1 year from that date.
    2. If no merchandise has been purchased on this Site for 1 year, or if membership has been cancelled or the Member has unsubscribed, all CLUB JAPAN points shall expire at such point in time. Points expired when unsubscribing shall also remain unusable if new Member registration is made by a former Member using the same email address. The Company shall not offer any type of compensation for expired points, and shall accept no responsibility.
    3. If a Member is deemed to have committed any of the actions listed below, the Company may cancel all or some of the points held by such Member, and may require payment of a sum equivalent to the amount allocated to the points.
      1. If illegal or improper acts have been committed
      2. If these Terms have been violated
      3. Other cases in which the Company deems the cancellation of points appropriate
  5. The Company may set a maximum limit to the number of points that Members can hold or use.
  6. The Company reserves the right to decide all terms in relation to CLUB JAPAN points, including the granting of points, the number to be granted, the rate at which they are to be granted, the timing of such grant, invalidity of points, and the timing of such invalidation; and Members shall comply with such decision. Also, the Company has the right to limit the merchandise and services for which points may be used, and to set limits on usage, such as attaching conditions to the use of points and setting maximum or minimum limits to the number of points which may be used for any one order, etc. Such limitations may be changed without notice, and in some cases additional limitations may be imposed; and Members shall comply with such decision in each and all such cases.
  7. Disclaimers
    1. The Company reserves the right to alter, suspend or terminate these Terms and the content of CLUB JAPAN points without notice, and Members shall comply with such decision. Even if such changes causes damage or disadvantage to a Member, the Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever in the matter.
    2. The Company makes no guarantee or warranty of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, in regard to the management of CLUB JAPAN points. The Company is not liable for any impediments or damage regarding the use of points due to the failure of communication lines, power outages, computer faults, data loss nor for any damage to a Member in relation to these services.
    3. If a Member’s account on this Site has been locked or becomes forfeit, such Member shall lose any points held in the account and all other rights in relation to the use of these services, and such Member shall possess no right of claim in any form against the Company as a result of any such forfeit of position.
    4. If this Site is closed, the points held by all Members shall expire, and even if there are disadvantages or damages to any Member, the Company shall accept no responsibility.

Article 7: Review Postings

  1. Reviews of merchandise can be posted only for merchandise sold by the Company.
  2. Postings of the following content are prohibited:
    1. Content slandering the Company, manufacturers or a third party
    2. Content linked to or abetting criminal conduct
    3. Content in violation of these Terms or of laws and ordinances
    4. Content including commercial promotion
    5. Content including personal information
    6. Content contrary to public order and morals
    7. Other content which the Company deems inappropriate
  3. The decision to place reviews of merchandise on this Site shall be made at the Company’s discretion, and Members shall not raise objections to such decision.
  4. The Company may without permission correct or revise posts which it deems misspelled or has omitted words.
  5. Any review, once placed on this Site, may be removed by the Company at its own discretion and without permission.

Article 8: Change of Member Information

  1. Members shall promptly notify the Company if there is a change to the information given to the Company such as name, address etc.
  2. The Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever in relation to any damage arising from cases where such changes have not been notified to and registered with the Company. Also, even if registration of such changes has been made, transactions processed before the registration of change shall be carried out based on the information before such registration of change.

Article 9: Unsubscribing

  1. If the Member wishes to unsubscribe, the Member himself or herself shall undertake the procedures.
  2. Members shall be unsubscribed after the completion of the prescribed procedures for unsubscribing, and shall lose all membership rights.

Article 10: Forfeit of Membership, and Obligation of Compensation

  1. If a Member has provided false information in the process of acquiring membership, or if obligations of payment for merchandise and/or shipping charges have not been met, or if there are other reasons which cause the Company to deem the Member unsuitable for membership, the Company may cancel membership without prior notification.
  2. If a member has engaged in any of the acts stipulated below, such Member shall be liable to compensate the Company for any damage arising therefrom.
    1. Improper use of the information required to log into this Site
    2. Obstruction of the Company’s business by accessing this Site and falsifying information, or by sending a harmful computer program to this Site, etc.
    3. Acts infringing intellectual property rights of merchandise handled by the Company
    4. Acts slandering the Company or a third party
    5. Other acts contrary to the Terms of Service
  3. By having their membership rescinded, Members shall lose all rights of membership.

Article 11: Handling of Member Information

As detailed in the Company’s privacy policy and “Consent for Handling of Personal Information”, the Company respects the privacy of the Members using this Site, and pays close attention to the protection of personal information in managing this Site. Our approach to privacy is stipulated in the separate “Privacy Policy.” Having checked this policy, the Member is then required to explicitly approve the “Consent for Handling of Personal Information” in order to acquire membership.

Article 12: Prohibitions

Members are prohibited from engaging in the following when using these services:

  1. Violation of laws and ordinances, these Terms, precautions on the use of these services, precautions on the purchase of merchandise through these services, and the other stipulations of these Terms, etc.
  2. Damaging the rights, interests and good name of the Company or a third party
  3. Violation of public order and morals or of other laws and ordinances, and acts liable to cause such violation.
  4. Causing inconvenience or distress to other users or to a third party
  5. Giving false information
  6. Hindering the management of this Site, or committing acts that may interfere with this Site
  7. Improper use of the information required to log into this Site
  8. Sending or posting harmful computer programs, emails etc.
  9. Unauthorized access to the Company’s servers or other computers
  10. Lending or transferring the password to a third party, or sharing it with a third party
  11. Other acts which the Company deems inappropriate

Article 13: Interruption and Suspension of Services

  1. In order to maintain favorable operating conditions for this Site, the Company may in the following cases, without prior notification to the Members, discontinue all or part of the services provided on this Site:
    1. Regular or emergency system maintenance
    2. System overload
    3. Difficulty in operating the system due to war, civil disturbance, fire, power outage, or through interference by a third party
    4. Other cases in which the Company deems suspension necessary for unavoidable reasons
  2. The Company shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused to any Member or to any third party as a result of interruption or suspension of this Site’s services.

Article 14: Alteration or Termination of Services

The Company may at its own discretion and without notice alter or terminate all or part of the services as appropriate.

Article 15: Disclaimers

  1. The Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for system interruptions, slowdowns, discontinuations, or data loss attributable to damage to communication lines or computers etc., or for damage from improper access to data, or for any other damage to the Member arising in connection with the Company’s services.
  2. The Company does not guarantee that emails and other contents sent from the Company’s Web pages, servers or domain are free from computer viruses or other harmful contents.
  3. The Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for transport delays due to operators’ overseas conditions.
  4. The Company shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for damages arising from violations of these Terms by Members.
  5. Unless otherwise clearly stated, guarantees for the merchandise sold on this Site shall conform to the contents of the guarantees attached to such merchandise. In regard to the merchandise sold on this Site, the Company makes no warranty other than that given in the product guarantee regarding the quality, performance, compatibility with other items, or any other feature of said merchandise. However, the above stipulation shall not include cases of bad faith or gross negligence on the part of the Company.
  6. The Company shall be indemnified from any difficulties arising from an unclear delivery address by delivering merchandise to the address given by the Member when making the application for membership or to the delivery address indicated by the Member when applying to (order) purchase the merchandise.
  7. The retention period for merchandise undeliverable for reasons attributable to the Member, such as “unknown forwarding address,” “long-term absence,” and “no reply from the given address” shall be 6 months from the date of return of such merchandise to the Company by the relevant transport or delivery operator after its non-delivery. If the Company re-sends packages which were undelivered due to reasons attributable to the Member, the Company shall charge the stipulated expenses for re-shipping.
  8. The Company may cancel orders for merchandise from the Member if such merchandise has sold out or become unavailable due to fluctuations in inventory of either the Company or the vendor. However, in cases where a portion of the merchandise forming part of an order for multiple items of merchandise has become unavailable, only the order for the relevant item(s) of merchandise may be canceled.
  9. While the descriptions and details given about the merchandise on this Site are accurate insofar as possible, it is not guaranteed that there are no mistakes whatsoever in regard to the accuracy or completeness of this information, or of it being the latest information available. Priority will be given to providing the latest details possible.
  10. If a Member causes damage to another Member or to a third party through their use of this Site, such Member shall resolve such matter at their own risk and expense, and shall not inconvenience the Company in any way.
  11. The Company shall deem communications with the Members to have been completed on transmission at any given time, and the Company shall not accept any responsibility for any damage incurred by a Member in the event that communications from the Company to the Member failed to be delivered due to defects in the Member’s email account settings or change in the Member’s email address etc.

Article 16: Revision of these Terms

The Company shall be able to revise these Terms, and also the guidelines, at its own discretion. Also, the Company may stipulate supplementary regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Supplementary Terms”) to these Terms. Revisions and additions to these Terms shall take effect after such revisions and Supplementary Terms have been posted on the site prescribed by the Company. In this case, the Member shall be deemed to have approved such regulations and Supplementary Terms.

Article 17: Court of Jurisdiction

In the event of dispute arising in regard to these Terms, Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of jurisdiction in the first instance.

Article 18: Governing Law

These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws, ordinances and regulations of Japan, and shall be interpreted based on such laws.

Article 19: Other

  1. In the event of discrepancies or contradictions arising between the Japanese, English or Chinese versions of these Terms, the Japanese version shall prevail.
  2. Communications between the Company and the Members shall be by email in principle.
  3. If issues regarding the use of this Site arise which cannot be resolved either through these Terms or by instructions given by the Company, such issues shall be resolved through discussions in good faith between the Company and the Member.

CLUB JAPAN Customer Support,